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"You're amazing! Let me help you uncover your gifts and be the best mom you can be!"


Dear fellow mom,

I know how it feels to be in your shoes. I was that mom, my toddler was out of control and emotionally explosive! I needed help and couldn't find it. I know the flood of emotion that overwhelms you while you try to stay calm for your little one. The moment you wonder if you’re failing as a parent or doing the right thing, wondering if your child will have emotional issues forever. I was “YOU!" I was the mom with the toddler having a tantrum in the store, I was the mom crying right along side my child after yelling at him, I was the mom who was lost and confused. I’ve spent most of my career working with parents and children in crisis, teaching, supporting, providing counselling, researching, and supporting through greif and emotional distress.  I have spent over twenty years seeking peaceful parenting solutions, taking multiple certifications and courses, working in pediatric mental health, completing several parenting instructor programs, as well as two recognized sleep programs,  bringing it all together, to provide you with the services I once needed so desperately myself. I'm here to guide you, teach you, support you and listen when you need it most! Despite this journey, everything changed for me three years ago when I met Dr.Shefali.  As wonderful in person as she is on stage, teaching classes and speaking on Oprah's show, he has changed the way I work with familes. Mentoring with her team, taking class after class with her, learning directly from the experts to become a conscious parenting expert myself has forever changed my life.

Transform you Life in Ten Weeks or Bring Conscious Parenting to The Classroom 

Dr. Shefli's four part series on conscious parenting will give you the tools to manage behavior at home, daycare, preschool and beyond. This class is taught in-person through workshops or online for mom's who need the convenience from home. Each class is 90-mins long followed by a Q & A session. This can be included in your 1:1 coaching package if you prefer. Please go to the purchase page to book your coaching package or workshop today! 

My Story....

It was my second born who taught me more about emotion then I thought I would ever know, my greatest challenge and most enlightened teacher, we all have that one child! Although loving, compassionate, sensitive and wonderful, he was sensitive and his sensory overload and big emotions challenged me. Extremely unpredictable, high needs and brilliant. Through the years I learned a lot about parenting my son, but the biggest surprise was what I learned about myself and the relationship dynamic of raising a child. Despite my personal journey and years of education, conferences, research, books, brilliantly supportive colleagues, seminars, and certifications, it wasn't until I met Dr. Shefali that it all made sense. I was looking in the wrong direction and not able to see through the other lens. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Shefali's wisdom and I am passionate about bringing that wisdom to you while your child is still young. 

"If information solved all the words problems there wouldn't be any left!" This statement made sense to me, think about it, we have so much information and yet the solutions for some of the worlds biggest problems remain unsolved. We need to evolve as human beings and look through another lens, to shift the paradigm and understand the parts of ourselves we have neglected for so many generations. We needed to become aware, conscious and present in the moment. Managing behavior is simply not the solution, our children need more than that, beyond behavior, emotional understanding, empathy, connection, reflection and deeper relationships.

Through this parenting journey, I realized that all the certifications and courses would not give me what I was searching for, that the answers needed to come from within. Through my work with Dr. Shefali and my mentorship with Dr. Patricia Barros, I began to see the gifts I had to offer beyond textbooks. What only life experience could teach me, what my children taught me from their view and inner spirit. My passion is to help other parents find their own journey, to understand themselves better, to embrace the gifts they already have without looking outwardly, to embrace the emotions that come from being a parent, and to know that parenting itself is the greatest lesson of all. My mentors and greatest teachers were my children, with all of the data available, we have lost the art of nurturing and the intuitive ability to see our child's inner spirit. 

If we look at our children as spiritual beings to guide us and teach us about ourselves, if we are prepared to let go of control and allow them to lead us, if we understand there is a  delicate balance between leadership and boundaries, if we will look at parenting through a different lens, we will discover what our purpose is in life. We can learn to parent with respect and gratitude. We can be connected to our children on a deeper level, we can become aware of our own presence and reactions, to pause and practice self reflection. We no longer need a technique, a model, a rule book or methodology to tell us exactly what to do! We can use our conscious mind to lead the way and allow our children to be their authentic selves. When we watch and learn, when we set safe appropriate limits, when we support with empathy and most of all when we recognize the reaction within ourselves we are consciously parenting our children. Parenting is 95% about you and only 5% about you child. Let me help you find your path!

Uncover your Mommy Gifts

This is designed to help you be the best mother you can be! To empower you and help you find yourself along the way. We are all still growing and learning as adults, and our children are the best teachers, they help us find the triggers within us that need the most attention. 

Your baby’s first three years of life are the most important time for brain development. The foundation is being laid, the brain’s architecture and primary connections are forming, and your baby will experience more brain development and internal growth in these first three years than at any other time in their lives. The rapid growth is known as an explosion period and synapses are being created at an alarming rate. Sophisticated networks are developing and emotional connections become more complex. 

Recognizing how important early emotional development is, how it significantly impacts education, how the benefits of connectedness and ideal nurturing environments promote brain development, I often wonder if I could have done more. My children are happy, healthy and very bright, I know I was a great mom, but I often question whether or not they have the skills they need and the programming from my early parenting days to navigate life toughest challenges. Evolution begins here, we have an opportunity to change the next generation and to embrace awareness in order to reach our maximum potential. The question remains, what if those early years were managed more efficiently, in the ideal world, when they were tiny little sponges, downloading from me every moment of the day, could I have made a bigger impact. As parents we all do the best job we can and balance our family responsibilities and needs accordingly. The intention is not to make you feel guilty or to cause more concern for you, but simply to make you pause and reflect. To consider the impact those first seven years make and to do what you can to improve your child’s programming while building stronger more connected relationships that help you grow as a parent from the inside out! 

I know you're a great mom or you wouldn't have landed on my site! 

Just like you, I was a dedicated mom determined to do everything right! My child was ahead of the curve. I understood the power of emotional wellness and optimal nurturing, the need for sleep, the importance of nutrition, as well as early education right from the start, but what I didn't understand was how my child was trying to teach me! 

With the support of Dr. Shefli, and connected communities, my parent coaching services now offers education for conscious parenting. The teachings of Dr. Shefali has been a game changer for how we raise our children. Looking at parenting through this new lens has changed my own parenting style and philosophies from respectful, peaceful parenting to trusting my decisions through awareness and avoiding the ego. By recognizing the behavior in my child as a message for me, by identifying the source of emotion for my child, by extending connectedness and teaching with respect, I am now able to separate myself from the situation, understand why I am responding and feeling the way I feel, and chose to connect and guide my child with the limits I have chosen. Through the guidance and wisdom of Dr. Sheflai and the concept of Conscious Parenting, you can navigate any parenting challenge that comes your way, for years to come! This isn't about the child, it's about you! 


***Please ask about my board of advisors, affiliate pediatricians, psychiatrists, child psychologists, and behavioral therapists. As well as my connection to superior nanny selection and nanny training programs. 

Happy to refer my clients to these wonderful group of professionals. I have collaborated with several teams and have reached out to the best of the best!! These professionals can help you with medical concerns, complex behavioral needs, couples therapy, family road maps, nutrition and nanny support. Through my colleague and dear friend, a comprehensive nanny selection process and nanny training program is provided prior to adding the nurturing nannies program. Please contact me for more information on this exclusive program.